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FFA Consultants in Acoustics and Noise Control Ltd.
FFA is Committed to Providing Practical Solutions to Acoustical and Noise Control Concerns

FFA Consultants in Acoustics and Noise Control Ltd. has extensive experience in and offers a wide range of architectural acoustical services. Below is a list of common architectural acoustical services our clients require, however, if the service you are looking for is not listed below please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Architectural Acoustical Design

  • Room Acoustical Design

    • Room acoustic design for music enhancement including music rooms, recital halls, multipurpose rooms, churches, multicultural centres
    • Room acoustic design for natural speech reinforcement including conference rooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, places of assembly
    • Reverberant field acoustical design to control activity noise including corridors, lobbies, cafeterias
  • Acoustical Noise and Vibration Isolation Design

    • Speech privacy design including standard offices, meeting rooms, board rooms
    • Noise isolation design including computer rooms, workshops, adjoining commercial tenants, health club facilities
    • Vibration noise isolation design including aerobic studios, road traffic vibration, LRT vibration
  • Acoustical Noise Isolation for Transportation Noise Sources

    • Building shell noise attenuation to meet required acceptability criteria
    • Road and rail traffic noise predictions based on CMHC models
    • Traffic noise barrier design and evaluation
    • Aircraft noise NEF contour calculations and CMHC assessments

Building Service System Noise Control

  • HVAC System Noise Control

    • Main mechanical room noise and vibration isolation including boiler rooms, main fan rooms, compartmental rooms
    • Air distribution system noise control including VAV systems, constant volume systems, fan coil systems
  • Electrical Systems Noise Control

    • Transformer noise and vibration control
    • Emergency generator noise control
    • High intensity light system ballast noise control
  • Piping Systems Noise Control

    • Domestic supply water system noise control
    • Heating and cooling system pump noise control
    • Steam piping noise control including control valves and PRV valves
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